The Year Four students at North Star wrote the annual Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA), the provincial standardized test, prior to the Spring Break.  As North Star is a Montessori school, the FSA is the first formal test that our students write…and it’s a big one!

Over the last six year period, all North Star students who have written the FSA for both Grades 4 & 7, have either scored a Meeting Expectations or Exceeding Expectations in all areas of the test (reading, writing & numeracy).

This year, I am pleased to announce that 67% of our Year Four students scored within the Meeting Expectations range and 33%  scored within the Exceeding Expectations range for numeracy.

I am thrilled to announce that 100% of our students are Exceeding Expectations in both reading and writing!

Congratulations to the all of the Year Four students and thank you to Maria Montessori for designing a truly effective method of education!