One of Dr. Montessori’s most loved quotes is: “Establishing lasting peace is the work of education; all politics can do is keep us out of war.”

 It is with this in mind that this year the Year 6 & 7 students embark on a memorable journey as they prepare to participate in the Montessori Model United Nations program that takes place at the United Nations in New York City in April of 2012. This incredible opportunity will provide the students a chance to learn about different and diverse countries, the United Nations and its role in solving world issues, and what it was that Dr. Montessori set out to achieve when she spoke about the Rights of the Child and the role that education plays in creating an enduring state of world peace. 

The students will transform into international delegates who will be representing the country of Egypt. In smaller groups they will sit on a variety of UN councils representing their assigned country. They will be asked to prepare and write a position paper and speech to present to a delegation of ‘international representatives’ made up of their peers. They will be working towards creating resolutions to various global issues that they will then present at the UN General Assembly to conclude the program.

This unforgettable experience has often been described as life changing. Over the course of the year the students will be developing and refining the skills that are required for them to emerge as confident, respectful and empathetic leaders. More importantly they will possess an awareness of the issues that we as a global community face and the courage it will take to address them with love and understanding.

The Year 6 & 7 students are also responsible for fundraising for the trip with the goal being in the ballpark of $20,000.  They would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the tremendous support that the school community has shown over the first couple of months of these fundraising efforts. They wish to express their sincere appreciation for the kind words, encouragement and assistance as they work toward their goal.

Watch for more United Nations related posts as the project moves forward.