History of North Star Montessori

Elementary School

A Timeline Of Key Events

Up to 1996

Although the North Shore had, and continues to have, a strong contingent of Montessori Casa programs (preschool) for the three to six year old set, few options existed for parents to continue Montessori education for their children.

January 1996

A group of parents and Montessori educators – all strong advocates for the Montessori philosophy of education – worked to establish a Montessori Elementary School.

September 1996

North Star Montessori Elementary School opened its doors to its first class of 17 students. It opened out of a small church on West 13th Street in North Vancouver.

Summer 2005

North Star Montessori moved to its present location at the North Shore Winter Club.

September 2005

The school expanded its programming to include Casa as well as after-school care.


A second Casa class was started.


North Star began working with Aid to Life Education and launched a Montessori Infant- Toddler parent participation program. A humble beginning with only a few classes per week, the Montessori Infant-Toddler Program has grown to accommodate over 70 families each week.


North Star began operating the Infant-Toddler Program in-house and continues to grow the program.

September 2020

North Star began operating a Full-Day Casa program.


North Star offers programs for children from infancy through grade 7.

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