The Montessori Casa/Preschool classrooms at North Star are often characterized by a calm and
focused atmosphere, and the perceived quietness can be attributed to several aspects of the
Montessori educational philosophy:

Individual Work

Montessori classrooms emphasize individualized learning. At North Star,
students engage in self-directed activities and work on tasks that capture their interest. This
individual focus naturally reduces the noise level compared to more traditional classroom
settings with group instruction.


The Montessori approach values deep concentration and uninterrupted work
periods. The students at North Star are encouraged to immerse themselves in their chosen
activities, leading to a quiet and focused environment. The materials and activities in a
Montessori classroom are designed to promote concentration.

Order and Organization

The Montessori classrooms at North Star are carefully organized and
have a structured environment. Each material has a designated place, and students are taught
to return materials to their proper locations after use. This emphasis on order helps create a
peaceful and quiet learning environment.

Freedom with Responsibility

While our Casa/Preschool Montessori classrooms offer
students freedom in choosing their activities, this freedom is guided by the responsibility to
respect others and the environment. Students are taught to move about the classroom
purposefully and quietly, contributing to the overall calm atmosphere.

Grace and Courtesy

Montessori education places a strong emphasis on social and emotional
development. At North Star, students are taught “grace and courtesy,” which includes using
polite language, respecting personal space, and moving quietly around the classroom. These
social skills contribute to a harmonious and quiet environment.

Minimal Distractions

Our Montessori classrooms are intentionally designed to minimize
distractions. The focus is on simple, aesthetically pleasing materials and an uncluttered
environment, allowing students to concentrate on their work without unnecessary disruptions.

It’s important to note that while the overall environment may appear quiet, there is typically a
buzz of activity as students engage in their chosen tasks and activities.