1. PARENT SOCIAL The Board would like to welcome everyone and invite you to join us for a parent social on Sat, Oct 4th at 7:00pm. This will be a great opportunity to socialize and get to know other parents in our school. Drinks and appetizers will be served in the Seniors’ Lounge at the North Shore Winter Club. We look forward to seeing everyone there!
  2. COLOURED BOXES You may have noticed three coloured boxes in our new Parent Education Corner (details about the education corner will be provided in our next weekly memo). These are for our parents to submit questions they may have about Montessori Education, questions that arise from Parent Discovery nights or topics for which they require further information. If you wish to have your questions answered privately, please include your name, otherwise they will be addressed in some manner on the blog.
  3. LATE POLICY Now that September is almost over we would like to remind parents of our late policy as follows…”We expect children to be picked up from the school or after-school care program by completion time. A penalty of $1 per minute will be charged if your child is not picked up on time….North Star employs this policy as there are a limited number of spaces in the ASC program and teachers, Head of School and administration have other commitments after school hours.”  Now that everyone has had an opportunity to settle into the year, this policy will be enforced beginning next week. Please see the Handbook for Parents for further information regarding this policy.
  4. CLASS TIME A quick reminder that only in the case of an emergency should students be interrupted during class time. If you have a message for your child, you may leave it at the front desk and it will be passed along at lunch or at the end of the day. If possible, please also arrange for doctor’s appointments outside of class time.
  5. COMMUNICATION WITH TEACHERS We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that if you wish to speak to the classroom teacher about your child, please schedule a meeting through Jeanne. If you have a quick message to share with your teacher ie. “didn’t eat much breakfast, didn’t get much sleep, call me if you think he/she needs to go home”, please do so at drop-off. If the classroom door is closed, class is in session and you can leave your message at the front desk for admin to pass along to the teacher at an appropriate time.
  6. TECHNOLOGY PARENT TALK “Disconnect to Reconnect” will be taking place at Gatehouse Montessori School on Wed, Oct 1st. For further information or to register please see flyer posted on the office bulletin board and/or pick up a copy at the front desk.


  1. PARENT PHONE CALLS Phone calls from the teachers for NEW Casa students to North Star will take place Tues, Oct 7th to Fri, Oct 10th. Calls will be approximately 15 minutes in length. Parents can sign-up on the bulletin board which will be posted outside of the main office next week.


  1. KINDERGARTEN PE The Kindergarten students will continue with Skills & Drills and Cooperative Games for PE next week.


  1. LOWER ELEMENTARY PE The LE students will continue with Skills & Drills and Cooperative games for PE next week.
  2. UPPER ELEMENTARY PE The UE students will participate in a fitness program at the North Shore Winter Club for PE next week. Please complete the attached permission form and ISIS NSWC Liability Waiver and submit to the front office on or before Mon, Sept 29th.
  3. FREE DRESS DAY Our first Free Dress Day is tomorrow Fri, Sept 26thand our next one is Fri, Oct 3rd. This year students may donate a minimum of $1.00 to their teacher upon entering the classroom first thing in the morning to wear their choice of clothing rather than the school uniform. We will be donating proceeds to DEBRA as well as the ALS Foundation. Please keep in mind that students must wear appropriate footwear and clothes must be in good repair.
  4. AFTER SCHOOL ART A reminder for those that have registered, that the After School Art program begins next Fri, Oct 3rd.