1. CONSTRUCTION ADVISORY  As I am sure you are all now aware, roadwork on East Keith Road between Sutherland Ave and Mountain Hwy started on Mon, Sept 12th.  Please follow all signs, and flag person directions. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.  If you have any comments or questions, please contact the District of North Vancouver Project Inspector, Rory Chilton at 604-990-3897.
  2. COAT ROOM Reminder not to leave valuables in the Coat Room.  Last year a few items went missing.  We have not had any incidents this year and do not anticipate any however to avoid disappointment please keep all valuables at home.
  3. UNIFORM SALE  We will be holding our Uniform Sale tomorrow.  Parents may purchase items at the sale held before morning drop-off and at afternoon pick-up.
  4. PARENT SOCIAL  Tiffany and the Board of Directors would like to invite you to our annual Parent Social on Fri, Sept 23rd.  Please see the attached Parent Social Invitation for details.  Please RSVP to Jeanne by Mon, Sept 19th so that we can confirm attendance with the Yacht Club.
  5. WHAT’S ON YOUR PLATE?  This film is about 2 eleven year olds and will appeal to youth/adults interested in environmental issues.  A screening of the film will take place at the Kay Meek Centre on Wed, Sept 21st.  Please see the attached Eco Urbia Network flyer for more information.  Please feel free to forward this invite along to friends, family, colleagues…and let them know if you can attend.  Admission is FREE – space is limited to 148 seats.  
  6. USBORNE BOOK FAIR  Last year this event was a huge hit!  Through our purchases we earned the school almost $500 worth of gorgeous books and each classroom was able to receive all 10 wish list books!  So we’re doing it again on Thurs, Sept 29th between 8:00am and 3:30pmFor those of you who are not already familiar with Usborne, these books are extremely high in quality, value and selection and make excellent additions to your home library or are stunning as gifts (think Christmas).  Their titles cover an array of non-fiction subjects (science, nature, history, language) that are internet linked as well as tons of illustrated fiction, activity books, early readers and goodies for babies too!  Careful parents – you will fall in love with these books!  Just a few notes*The teachers will be posting their Wish Lists outside their classrooms so families who are interested can purchase books to donate outright.  Please write your child’s name next to the book you wish to donate on the teacher’s list.  Donated books will be decorated with a placard inside acknowledging the donor family.  *ALSO make sure you inform us at the time of order that you are donating that title so we don’t order it twice with the funds raised!!  *I highly recommend you spend a few moments looking through their selection beforehand as there is just so much to choose from.  If you or your child has an idea of titles of interest you can fill out a form before the fair (at Jeanne’s desk) or just have your list ready and we will process it on the day.  This will save you some waiting time at the fair.  I will leave 3 catalogues at Jeanne’s desk to sign out for a day (or if you have a spare moment just leaf through at the desk).  If you are a screen person click on ‘browse’ at www.kidsbookmart.com/ to peruse books online.  *Books will be delivered to the school 2 weeks after the order date and will be distributed to each family.  *Feel free to invite grandparents or friends to stop by or add to your order, the more we purchase the more enriched our school library becomes!  *ALSO don’t forget to enter your name into the draw to win a FREE BOOK.  See you at the Fair!  Rebecca (Meelah’s Mum)


  1. PARENT EDUCATION NIGHT  We will be holding the first of our Parent Education evenings on Mon, Sept 26th.  It is for all Casa parents and is entitled “Silent Journey & Discovery”.  The Silent Journey is a workshop that gives parents an opportunity to experience the Montessori Education they have chosen for their child.  For more information and to register for attendance and childcare please see sign up on the office bulletin board.


  1. TERRY FOX RUN  On Friday, Sept 16th the Elementary students will be participating in the Terry Fox Run for Cancer Research.  Terry Fox is a Canadian hero who persevered throughout tremendous obstacles.  His story is one that we hope will inspire the students to tackle their own challenges throughout the year.  Elementary students will run or walk a set course from 10:00 to 11:00am and then enjoy a hot dog lunch.  Students are asked to bring a minimum $2 donation for the cause and hot dogs & veggies dogs will be provided.  Students are also encouraged to bring other food to supplement their hot dogs or a full lunch if they do not want a hot/veggie dog.  Please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather with proper running shoes/footwear.
  2. FREE DRESS DAY  Our first Free Dress Day is Fri, Sept 16th when students will not be required to wear a uniform but be free to choose what they wear to school.  Please keep in mind that students must wear appropriate footwear and clothes must be in good repair.  Hats and gloves are not permitted in the classroom.