Weekly Memo Sept 14


  1. THE CARD PROJECT We will be taking part in the Card Project again this year so if you’re looking for Christmas cards or gifts this is a great opportunity! Each student will submit one piece or artwork that can then be turned into cards or notebooks for purchase. All orders will be delivered to the school by the end of November in plenty of time to mail to out of town friends & relatives. Further details to follow in the coming weeks!
  2. MOUNT SEYMOUR FUNDRAISER This year we have partnered with Mount Seymour and 15% of the purchase price for any season pass will go back to North Star! If you are planning to purchase an Adult, Youth or Family pass simply login to http://mtseymour.ca/group-sales. The username is NORTHSTAR and the password is NSTARSEY17 (please make sure to use all upper case). Early bird rates are available until Oct 15th! (Note that the Upper Elementary students will receive a free season pass in January through the PE program at North Star. If they already have a pass they can receive a free lesson instead.)
  3. PARENT DISCOVERY EVENING Start the year off on the right foot and join us this Tues, Sept 19th for the Casa & Elementary Parent Social (6-6:30pm) & Parent Discovery Evening “The Building Blocks for Life-Long Success” (6:30-8:00pm). Learn how to best support your child outside of school to become self-sufficient and increasingly responsible at each progressive stage of development. North Star Head Teachers will provide you with some insight into each of the classrooms at North Star and explore how the key components for self-directed learning (expectations, responsibility, self-evaluation) increase over the duration of our program building a strong foundation for life-long success. Childcare will be available for Casa & Elementary North Star students and the sign-up sheet for both attendance and childcare is posted on the office bulletin board.
  4. INFANT & TODDLER PROGRAM There are still a few more spaces in the Infant & Toddler Program this term. Please feel free to forward a copy of the attached application form to friends and family!
  5. SCHOLASTIC BOOKS A reminder that book orders are due on Fri, Sept 22nd. For further information on Scholastic Books please see email sent out earlier today.
  6. WHEELCHAIR PARKING A reminder to please be mindful that you are not parking in (or partly in) the designated wheelchair parking spot in front our gate. Thank you!
  7. MARK YOUR CALENDAR for the Usborne Book sale taking place in the Cedar Room from Sept 26-28.
  8. MARKETING SUPPORT If anyone has any Marketing experience and would like to help support North Star’s marketing initiatives please let administration know. Your expertise is much appreciated!
  9. COMMUNITY BOARD If you have not yet noticed, we have a parent community board on the wall by the front office. This board is used for parents to communicate things such as extra-curricular classes outside of the school, items for sale, lost items, ride shares etc. Please see Jeanne before you post anything so that we can date your item and keep the board current.


  1. CHANGE OF CLOTHES A reminder to please ensure that your child has a complete change of clothes, including undergarments and socks, which are to be labeled and left in a bag on his/her hook in the coat room. In addition to bathroom accidents, students also require a change of clothes for the occasional classroom water spill and outside play on a rainy day.

Extended-day Kindergarten

  1. EXTENDED-DAY PE The Extended-day students will play courtyard games for PE next week.
  2. CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK If you are interested in becoming a parent volunteer for any of the fieldtrips where volunteers are needed throughout the year please see Jeanne for information on obtaining a criminal record check.
  3. PIZZA DAY is next Wed, Sept 20th.


  1. LOWER ELEMENTARY HTHT The LE students will participate in the “Matter Meltdown” Workshop with a High Touch-High Tech scientist on Tues, Sept 19th
  2. UPPER ELEMENTARY HTHT The UE students will participate in the “Space” Workshop with a High Touch-High Tech scientist on Fri, Sept 22nd.
  3. LOWER ELEMENTARY PE The LE students will have HTHT on Tuesday and play Kickball for PE on Thursday next week.
  4. UPPER ELEMENTARY PE The UE students will continue with biking for PE next week.
  5. CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK If you are interested in becoming a parent volunteer for any of the fieldtrips where volunteers are needed throughout the year please see Jeanne for information on obtaining a criminal record check.
  6. PIZZA DAY is next Wed, Sept 20th.

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