All Families

  1. COMMUNITY AMBASSADOR PARENT SOCIALS The Parent Socials are scheduled for this Sat, Sept 14th.  If you have not yet been contacted by your Community Ambassador with details on your Parent Social please advise Jeanne asap.
  2. PARENT DISCOVERY NIGHT Reminder of the upcoming Parent Discovery Night on Mon, Sept 23rd.  Sign-up sheets for attendance and childcare will be posted on the office bulletin board Mon, Sept 16th.
  3. USBORNE BOOK SALE is scheduled for Fri, Sept 27th.  Feel free to check out the online catalogue at if you wish to browse or pre-order prior to the sale.  We will also have a paper catalogue available at the front desk.  An information flyer will be placed in your family pocket next week.
  4. AFTER SCHOOL PATIO A quick reminder that licensing requires our outside patio be cleared immediately following both morning and afternoon dismissals.  Thanks so much for your cooperation.
  5. FAMILY POCKETS Each family has a pocket outside their child’s classroom for school communication purposes.  Please note that if you have more than one child, your family pocket will be outside of your eldest child’s classroom.
  6. MOJA MONDAY Keep your eyes open for the start of our monthly Moja Coffee Fundraisers!  More info to follow soon.
  7. AUXILIARY ROLES Please note that you will be contacted by either your Committee Head or Tiffany with details on your Auxiliary Role.  Don’t worry if you haven’t heard anything yet…you will be contacted when duty calls!
  8. NSWC LOCKOUT  As you are probably aware, the North Shore Winter Club is experiencing a labour dispute.  Should someone approach you with union literature please feel empowered to make your own choice and respectfully decline or accept the literature.


 Please see the “All Families” section and check back next week for Casa specific information!


Please see the “All Families” section and check back next week for Kindergarten specific information!


  1. AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS Reminder that the Morning Running Program (Wednesdays) and Watercolour Workshop (Fridays) both begin this week.  Destination Imagination (Thursdays) will begin next week.