All Families

  1. WINE WALL  We are asking families to bring in 1 or 2 bottles of wine each for our wine wall.  Everyone will have a chance to win from 1 bottle to a full case of wine.  We require 78 bottles in total.  Wine can be dropped off to Jeanne or Tiffany.  Thank you!
  2. AUCTION ITEMS  Please bring in all auction items you have collected by Thurs, Nov 9th.  Thank you!
  3. FUNDRAISER at MOSQUITO CREEK  Tickets will be on sale next week in the front lobby.
  4. OUT OF UNIFORM DAY – WITCHES & WIZARDS is scheduled for Wed, Oct 31st.  For further details please refer to the memo placed in your family pocket and posted on the office bulletin board.
  5. SCHOLASTIC ORDERS  Reminder that Scholastic orders are due tomorrow Fri, Oct 26th.


  1. PARENT ED NIGHT Registration for our next Parent Ed night is now closed.  We will see all registered parents for “Setting Limits” on Mon, Oct 29th at 6:00pm.
  2. FAMILY WORKSHOPS  Mariana Calleros will be hosting Family Workshops in November and December.  Please see the attached Family Workshop Flyer for more information.  November classes are now full and December is filling quickly.  Book now to avoid disappointment!  Please contact Jeanne to register.

“The parent sessions give me a safe space to talk and receive  feedback about daily obstacles and struggles in raising my children.  The Montessori guidelines used in the workshops help to bridge school and home life and helped me understand the connection and importance of both worlds combined.  It is a helping hand in my journey to parent.”

“These parent workshops have taught me the most valuable lesson in raising children: taking responsibility for what I am feeling and how that is affecting my children.  I have gained insights as to what is underneath the behaviour as well as valuable tools to use in order to create the close attached family I want.”



  1. FREE DRESS DAY  Our next Free Dress Days are Fri, Oct 26th and Fri, Nov 2nd.  This year North Star will be helping to raise funds for Debra, an organization that supports children with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).  For a minimum donation of $1.00 (cash only) students will not be required to wear a uniform but be free to choose what they wear to school on each of those days.  You may donate one lump sum at the beginning of the year or on each Free Dress Day.