All Families

  1. NON-INSTRUCTIONAL DAY is tomorrow Fri, Oct 11th.  Class will not be in session.
  2. THANKSGIVING is Mon, Oct 14th.  Class will not be in session.  Happy Thanksgiving!
  3. BOTTLE DRIVE Need to take in your refundable cans or bottles after Thanksgiving?  North Star is going to kick off our recycling initiative by holding a bottle drive from Tues, Oct 15th to Fri, Oct 18th.  Simply bring in your deposit-bearing containers at arrival or pickup times and deposit them in the bins provided.  All bottle refunds will go directly to North Star, thereby benefiting our children.
  4. PHOTO DAY is Wed, Oct 16th.  An information flyer for choosing your child’s background colour was placed in each family pocket.  Please complete this form and submit to Jeanne on photo day.
  5. RAFFLE & SILENT AUCTION ITEMS Our Fundraising team is busy preparing for this year’s North Star Fundraisers!  As part of our efforts, each family received an information letter, vendor letters and donation request forms in their family pocket.  We hope your fundraising efforts are going well.  Please write on the list posted at the main bulletin board which stores/businesses you have approached so that we do not solicit businesses more than once.  Please let Tiffany or Maria know if you have any questions or you did not receive your materials.
  6. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING is scheduled for Mon, Oct 21st.  At least one parent from each family should attend.
  7. OUT OF UNIFORM WITCHES & WIZARDS DAY is scheduled for Thurs, Oct 31st.  Please see the attached Witches & Wizards Memo for further information.
  8. WEALTHY SCHOOL REVOLUTION (WSR) The next order cut-off date is Wed, Oct 23rd  to be delivered Thurs, Oct 31st


  1. STUDENT INDEPENDENCE In an effort to teach independence, we ask that you please dress your child in clothing that they can easily put on and take off.  Elastic waist pants are best for younger children so that they may have independence in the washroom too!
  2. CASA PARENT PHONE CALLS Reminder to check your scheduled time.  The purpose of these calls is to let you know how your child’s transition in the program is going.  To be respectful of other parents/teacher’s time, the 15 minute length will be strictly adhered to.  Tip: consider ahead of time what you would like to discuss should you have any specific concerns or questions.


  1. KINDERGARTEN PE The Kindergarten students will continue with dance classes at Perform Art Studios.


  1. FREE DRESS DAY Our next Free Dress Day is scheduled for Fri, Oct 18th.  Students donate a minimum of $1.00 towards DEBRA (into the jar at the front desk) to wear their choice of clothing rather than the school uniform.  Please keep in mind that students must wear appropriate footwear and clothes must be in good repair.  Hats and gloves are not permitted in the classroom.
  2. LOWER ELEMENTARY PE The LE students will continue with Flicka Gymnastics.
  3. UPPER ELEMENTARY PE The UE students will continue with Skills & Drills.