Weekly Memo Mar 13

All Families

  1. CONGRATULATIONS to the Kindergarten and Elementary students & staff who participated in a very successful school performance last evening!  It was enjoyed tremendously by all!
  2. SPRING BREAK The last day of classes before Spring Break is tomorrow Fri, Mar 14th.  There will be regular dismissal and no After School Care.  The first day back is Mon, Mar 31st.


Please see the “All Families” section and check back next week for Casa specific information!


  1. KINDERGARTEN PE The Kindergarten students will be having PE in-house.


  1. RUNNING CLUB The Running Club is going to kick off again on Fri, Apr 4th at 7:30am and is open to all students in Years 1-6.  This session we are going to run twice a week on Monday/Friday mornings at 7:30am.  Our goal will be to train for and run the MEC 5km race on May 17, 2014.  http://events.mec.ca/node/11495.  We will have 11 training runs prior to that event and will track our distance and progress towards our goal.  Parents are welcome, but not required to come out and run with us.  The runs will be supervised by either or both Niko Potton, Marathoner Extraordinaire and Carrie Russell, Enthusiastic Participant who holds up the rear of the group.  There is no cost to the club, aside from the $15 entrance fee for the MEC run if you wish to participate in that.  Please let Jeanne know if you will be participating in this session.  We are looking forward to getting outdoors again!
  2. FREE DRESS DAY Our next Free Dress Day is Fri, Apr 4th.  Students donate a minimum of $1.00 towards DEBRA (into the jar at the front desk) to wear their choice of clothing rather than the school uniform.  Please keep in mind that students must wear appropriate footwear and clothes must be in good repair.
  3. AFTER SCHOOL DRAWING Reminder that After School Drawing classes begin on Fri, Apr 4th.
  4. OUTDOOR SCHOOL Reminder that forms and payment for Year 3-5 students to attend Camp Latona are due on Fri, Apr 4th.
  5. LOWER ELEMENTARY PE The LE students will be having PE in-house.
  6. UPPER ELEMENTARY PE The UE students will be having PE in-house.
  7. UPPER ELEMENTARY WORKSHOP The UE students will be participating in a workshop at Champions Martial Arts Academy.  Please complete and sign the attached Permission Slip and return on or before Mon, Mar 31st.

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