1. FRIDAY FEATURE  For all you candy lovers out there, Jan 13th to Jan 20th The Great Candy Count will be the Year 6 & 7’s Friday Feature.  The Great Candy Count is an estimation game where you estimate how many candies are in the jar and if you get the right number you win!!!  In the case that no one guesses the right number the closest guess wins!  It will be $5.00 for 4 tickets and all candies are peanut free!  We will be selling tickets at 11:15am and 3:00pm every day.  The winners will be announced on January 20th at 11:00am.  Thank you for your support!!!  From the Year 6 & 7’s.
  2. THE HUNGRY OVEN U.N. FUNDRAISER  The first of four evenings of sampling delicious food and wine pairings from around the world begins with France on Fri, Jan 20th.  The cost for each evening is $65/person or you may purchase a passport to all four evenings for $240/person.  Tickets are selling quickly!
  3. OUT OF UNIFORM “CULTURAL DAY” is scheduled for Fri, Jan 27th.  Feel free to wear something that represents your family’s heritage – either past or present.
  4. BOTTLE DRIVE  Thank you North Star parents for participating in our Winter Holiday Bottle Drive.  We were able to raise just over $50 to put towards the U.N. trip in April.  Hopefully your houses feel a little cleaner!  This bottle drive was a great and easy way to help us raise funds and as a result, we would like to continue to offer monthly bottle drives here at North Star.  Stay tuned for upcoming dates where we will do all the ‘leg work’ for you.  All you need to do is drop off all of your recyclable bottles here at the school.  Did you know that North Star Montessori School has an account set up at the Return-It Bottle Depot on Brooksbank Drive?  If you would like to support our fundraising efforts and drop off your own bottles, you can do so there and choose the option to put your bottle refund into our account.  Every little bit helps!  A big THANK YOU once again for your continuing support.  The Year 6&7 students.
  5. LOST & FOUND  Reminder that items not claimed from the Lost & Found will be donated at the end of the day Fri, Jan 13th.  In the future, the Lost & Found bin will be located in the front lobby on the west wall by the windows.
  6. LOST  Diamond Floating Heart from a silver necklace.  If anyone finds this item please return it to Jeanne at the front desk.


  1. PARENT ED  “What Next?” – Parents of 4 & 5 Year Olds will be held on Mon, Jan 16th from 6:00-7:30pm.  Parents of 4 year olds will learn about the importance of The 3-Year Cycle and Parents of 5 year olds will learn about The Elementary Years.  Sign-up sheets are posted on the office bulletin board.
  2. CHILD-PARENT NIGHT for the Casa students and parents will take place on Mon, Jan 30th.  Sign-up sheets will be posted next week.
  3. KINDERGARTEN PE  The K students will be doing Yoga for PE next week.


  1. LOWER ELEMENTARY PE  The Lower Elementary children will continue with skating for PE next week.  Please remind your child to bring their skates and bag which should include a cloth to wipe skate blades, a helmet, gloves and ski pants or warm clothes.  The children will not be able to participate without a helmet or gloves.
  2. UPPER ELEMENTARY PE  The Upper Elementary will be doing Yoga for PE next week.
  3. FREE DRESS DAY  is Fri, Jan 13th when students will not be required to wear a uniform but be free to choose what they wear to school.  Please keep in mind that students must wear appropriate footwear and clothes must be in good repair.  Hats and gloves are not permitted in the classroom.
  4. USED UNIFORM CLOTHING SALE is scheduled for Jan 20th.  Donation Week for gently used uniforms will be Jan 9th to 13th.