Weekly Memo Dec 7


  1. HOLIDAY FAMILY EVENT Reminder of the upcoming Holiday Family Event on Wed, Dec 20th from 4:30-6:30pm! Please see the attached flyer for more information. Please note there is no ASC on this day. We hope to see everyone there!!!
  2. HOLIDAY STAFF LUNCHES During this time of the year, when school nears an end for the holiday season many parents enjoy providing lunches for the North Star staff as a thank you for all their hard work. This year’s staff lunches are running from Mon, Dec 11th through Wed, Dec 20th. If you are interested in participating please sign up on the office bulletin board and bring a hot or cold lunch (enough for 12 people) to school on your designated date. Keep in mind that there is one vegetarian and two pork restrictions so no pork in any of the dishes please. Simply fill in your name on the sheet posted on the office bulletin board. There are spots for main dishes and there are spots for appetizers or desserts. You can choose one part of the meal or the entire meal for that day or even share with another family! This is a special treat for our staff that they really look forward to and appreciate every year. They always enjoy trying the different dishes!
  3. MOJA COFFEE HOLIDAY FUNDRAISER The delivery date for those families that ordered will now be tomorrow Fri, Dec 8th.
  4. ANNUAL FUNDRAISER Mark your calendars for the North Star Annual Fundraiser on Sat, Jan 20th! Please continue to collect auction items for this fun event and drop off any items you have to the front office! Please find attached the updated auction donation letter as well as the auction donation information form which must be submitted for any donations of $100 or more requiring a tax receipt.
  5. THE CARD PROJECT Cards, notebooks etc will be delivered to the school on Mon, Dec 11th for those that placed a final order. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email [email protected]
  6. CRIMINAL RECORD CHECKS All parent volunteers for school field trips, PE support and going outs are required to have a criminal record check for volunteers. If you wish to volunteer this school year, please pick up a letter from Jeanne and take it to your local law enforcement branch to request a volunteer criminal record check.
  7. EARTHQUAKE COMMUNICATION COMMITTEE Following up from the earthquake preparedness portion of the AGM, we have formed a very small Earthquake Communication committee and are hoping to coordinate a chain of communication that would only be necessary in a post-disaster situation in which all cellular and internet communications no longer work. We are exploring options for reaching families in this instance. These options include satellite phones (i.e. InReach devices which allow for SMS via a global satellite network), 2-way UHF/HAM radios and pagers. Our hope is to establish a few points of off-line contact between the school and the different communities around Vancouver via these devices. These points of contact would then be a reference point for families in these communities. Additionally, they can potentially report to local emergency disaster hubs, providing updates about North Star for/to that area. At this early research stage we are doing an inventory within our North Star community to confirm our numbers of available personal satellite phone/InReach devices. Once we have completed our research as to the most available option, we will communicate our findings and recommendations. Please email us directly to let us know if you have a satellite phone that your family would be interested in sharing in an emergency situation. Thank you in advance for your help! Caroline King ( ([email protected]) caroline.king (at) gmail (dot) com) & Farah Nosh.
  8. WINTER BREAK Please note that the last day of classes will be Thurs, Dec 21st and it is regular dismissal.


Please see “All” family section and check back next week for Casa specific information!

Extended-day Kindergarten

  1. FIRST TERM REPORT CARDS A reminder to please return the signed “School Copy” of your child’s report card to the front office. 
  2. EXTENDED-DAY PE The Extended-day students will have PE in-house on Tuesday and Jump Gymnastics on Thursday next week. Please sign and submit the attached permission form to your classroom teacher on or before Mon, Dec 11th.
  3. PIZZA DAY is next week Wed, Dec 13th.
  4. PIZZA ORDER FORM Attached please find order form for the Jan-Mar pizza days. Please note the deadline to order for ALL dates is Mon, Dec 18th.


  1. FIRST TERM REPORT CARDS A reminder to please return the signed “School Copy” of your child’s report card to the front office. 
  2. LOWER ELEMENTARY PE The LE students will have Fitness at the NSWC for PE on Tuesday and go on a fieldtrip Thursday next week.
  3. UPPER ELEMENTARY PE The UE students will have Yoga on Tuesday and PE in-house on Thursday next week.
  4. YEAR 7 PE The Year 7 students will be taking the “Stay Safe” course on Tuesday next week.
  5. LOWER ELEMENTARY FIELDTRIP The LE students will be going on a fieldtrip to the Carousel Theatre on Thurs, Dec 14th. Please complete and submit the attached permission form to your classroom teacher on or before Mon, Dec 11th.
  6. PIZZA DAY is next week Wed, Dec 13th.
  7. PIZZA ORDER FORM Attached please find order form for the Jan-Mar pizza days. Please note the deadline to order for ALL dates is Mon, Dec 18th.
  8. AFTER SCHOOL ART 2018 Attached please find the registration form for January to June After School Art classes. If you would like to register your child please complete the attached from and submit it to the front office on or before Wed, Dec 13th.
  9. FREE DRESS DAY Our next Free Dress Day is next Fri, Dec 15th. Students donate a minimum of $1.00 to their teacher upon entering the classroom first thing in the morning to wear their choice of clothing rather than the school uniform. Students must wear appropriate footwear, clothes must be in good repair and hats are not permitted to be worn inside the classroom.

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