All Families

  1. BOARD NEWS Attached please find a copy of the most recent Board News.
  2. FUNDRAISING EVENT A reminder of our upcoming fundraising event at the Two Lions on Sat, May 3rd at 6:00pm.  Tickets are $25 which includes appetizers and a drink.  Tickets will be on sale beginning Tues, April 22nd in the front lobby of North Star.
  3. WINE WALL Just a reminder that if you have not yet had a chance to bring in a bottle of wine for the wine wall, a crate has been placed by the office bulletin board.  Bottles should be between $12 – $40.  Thank you for your contribution!
  4. EASTER WEEKEND Reminder that tomorrow Fri, April 18th is Good Friday and Mon, April 21st is Easter Monday.  School will not be in session.
  5. PARKING ISSUES Just a quick reminder for parents who drop off at 8:15am to please leave as quickly as possible after drop off so that parking is available for parents arriving for the 8:30am drop off.  This is part of the reason for our staggered start times.  If you plan to stay longer in the morning please park further down the street so that spaces directly beside the school are available for the next group of parents.  Thank you for your co-operation!
  6. EARTH DAY INITIATIVE In recognition of Earth Day April 22, The Green Team is collecting worn out  rubber-soled running shoes all week long.  The shoes will be taken to NIKE in Park Royal where they turn them into court material.  Running shoes only please.  NO BOOTS, SANDALS, FLIP FLOPS OR DRESS SHOES. There will be a labelled box in the front foyer of the school from April 22 at 11:30 am to April 25th at 11:30am.
  7. RECYCLING We know that North Star has an environmentally conscious parent body and that most, if not all, families recycle.  This is a friendly reminder that people can drop off their bottles and cans at the Return It Depot on Brooksbank and credit North Star Montessori by simply mentioning at the start of the transaction that they would like their refund to go into our account.  Just keep the receipt and put it in the tan envelope on the board outside Tiffany’s office so we can track the deposits into the North Star Account.  Thank you for your donation.


  1. PRACTICUM STUDENT Please welcome Lovneet Sandhu, our new practicum student!  Lovneet will be observing in the Sitka room from April 24-28 and will return for her practicum period from May 20th to June 6th.
  2. PARENT DISCOVERY EVENING: Discovering Math the Montessori Way Please join the Casa teachers on Mon, April 28th from 6:00-7:30pm for an informative evening about the mathematics curriculum in the Casa program.  There will be a box on the admin desk for parents to submit specific questions on the topic in advance of the meeting.  Registration for attendance and childcare is posted on the administration bulletin board.  Deadline for registration is Fri, April 25th at 3:30pm.


  1. KINDERGARTEN PE The Kindergarten students will continue with martial arts for PE on Tuesday next week.  On Thursday they will begin swimming lessons.  Please sign and return the attached permission form on or before 8:30am Tues, April 22nd.
  2. SUMMER CAMPS Attached please find registration form for this year’s Summer Camps run by Katy (After School Care Supervisor).  Please note that the deadline for registration is Tues, April 22nd.


  1. LOWER ELEMENTARY PE The LE students will continue with martial arts for PE next week.
  2. UPPER ELEMENTARY PE The UE students will continue with swimming lessons for PE on Tuesday next week.  They will be taking Zumba at the Fitness Well on Thursday.  Please sign and return the attached permission form by 8:30am Tues, April 22nd.
  3. SUMMER CAMPS Attached please find registration form for this year’s Summer Camps run by Katy (After School Care Supervisor).  Please note that the deadline for registration is Tues, April 22nd.
  4. AFTER SCHOOL LEGO BRICKS WORKSHOP Reminder that the Lego Bricks Workshop begins Thurs, April 24th.
  5. FREE DRESS DAY Our next Free Dress Day is Fri, April 25th.  Students donate a minimum of $1.00 towards DEBRA (into the jar at the front desk) to wear their choice of clothing rather than the school uniform.