1. TUITION PAYMENTS  Reminder that tuition payments for the 2011-12 academic year are due May 1st.
  2. ILLNESS POLICY  Please remember to keep your child at home if he/she is ill.  Our policy surrounding illness has been developed both for the comfort and safety of the child who is ill and to protect the other children and staff from communicable diseases and illness.  For more information, please refer to the section entitled “The Ill Child” in your Parent Handbook.
  3. PARENT ED NIGHT is coming up on Mon, April 18th.  Topics covered will be 3-4 Years: Language & Math in the Early Years, 4.5-5 Years: Reading & Writing, LE – Reading & Writing and UE – Reading, Writing & Technology.  Please sign-up on the sheets posted on the office bulletin board.  Alternatively, you may send me an email with the following information and I will sign-up for you.  1. Number of adults attending  2. Childcare needed  3. Ages of children.
  4. CHILDREN  Hello everyone!  North Star has entered a team in the Children’s Hospital ChildRun for several years now.  It’s a 5 km walk/run on June 5 near Children’s Hospital that is fun, great exercise for people of any age or fitness level, and a fund-raiser for a wonderful charity.  If you would like to join us this year,early registration deadline is April 15, so go to our Team Page and click on Join Team.  You can also see a picture of our team from last year’s run!

    North Star’s Team Page

    Further details in an upcoming Weekly Memo!  Email me at [email protected] if you have any questions.  Thanks, Brett Coyle

  5. RED CROSS FUNDRAISER FOR JAPAN-OUT OF UNIFORM All students are invited to donate a minimum of $2.00 to wear Easter colours for Out of Uniform day and of course anyone is invited to make a donation in any amount to the Red Cross.  Please submit any monies to your classroom teacher.
  6. EARTH DAY BOOK SWAP  This year North Star will be holding a lunchtime ‘Book Swap’ on Thurs, April 21st to celebrate Earth Day.  Stay tuned for more details coming out early next week.
  7. AFTER SCHOOL CARE  There are still spots available for 2011-12 After School Care.  These generally fill quickly so if you are interested please see Jeanne at the front desk.
  8. SCHOOL DROP-OFF/PICK-UP  Just a quick reminder to please drive slowly during school drop-off and pick-up times.  As well, please remember to keep your child with you at all times.
  9. EASTER LONG WEEKEND  Reminder that Fri, April 22nd is Good Friday and Mon, April 25th is Easter Monday.  Classes will not be in session on these days.


  1. UPPER ELEMENTARY PE  The Upper Elementary will continue with tennis at the North Shore Winter Club.

Lower Elementary & Kindergarten

  1. KINDERGARTEN/LOWER ELEMENTARY PE  The K & LE students will continue with Martial Arts.  Please ensure that your child brings his/her numbered rental uniform to class each Tuesday & Thursday.  They will be required to return their uniform at the end of the final class Thurs, April 28th There will be a $25.00 charge for lost or damaged uniforms.
  2. RED CROSS FUNDRAISER FOR JAPAN-MOVIE NIGHT  Fri, April 15th is pizza and movie night for Lower Elementary and Kindergarten students and we hope you can come!  Admission is $8 – Skye & Mia will be collecting at the front desk each day after school.  If you have not yet paid and would like to attend, please submit your money to Jeanne by Friday morning.