The Upper Elementary class has kicked off the year with a fresh start to the composting project at North Star.  North Star has promoted litterless-lunches for many years now and has had varying degrees of success with teacher-led worm composting projects.  It is our hope this year that by handing the responsibility of the compost over to the upper elementary class, that they will take ownership of it and inspire younger students to play a more active role in the monitoring of what goes into their own classroom compost collection buckets and raise awareness of the importance of caring for our planet.  

 After a classroom visit from one of North Star’s volunteer parent gardening experts outlining and reviewing the necessary steps in running a successful compost, the upper elementary students have organized a classroom compost pick-up schedule and are collecting the compost from each classroom in the school.  They have learned what can and cannot go into the compost, how the process works from waste to soil and they are responsible for maintaining the compost for the entire school. By the time Spring comes around, there should be enough soil in the compost for our annual spring planting.  If you have a compost at home, I encourage you to engage your child in helping you with it.  It’s never to early to start learning how we can take care of the Earth!