Back in November, I posted a blog by Erin Higginbottom (Upper Elementary teacher at North Star) describing the Montessori Model United Nations program that our Year 6 & 7 students were preparing to participate in, in April of 2012.  Erin outlined that over the period of 7 months, the students would be refining the skills required for them to emerge as confident, respectful, and empathetic leaders who would possess an awareness of the issues the global economy faces and the courage it takes to address them with love and understanding.  They were required, as international delegates representing ‘Egypt’, to write position papers and say a speech on their assigned topics.  The students also embarked on a huge collaborative fundraising initiative to earn the funds to attend the program.  

Seven months and approximately 7830km later, the students have completed all of the research, writing, public speaking preparation and fundraising, and have been to the United Nations and back! The trip was a huge success and next week the students will be giving a group presentation of their experience to a maximum capacity audience.  Leading up to the presentation, beginning tomorrow, I will be posting a brief summary of each day of our trip.  

The picture below is the MMUN group creating their abstract paintings for the art auction fundraiser they hosted in December.

abstract painting for the art auction fundraiser