On November 22nd, the students and staff of North Star, along with many parents, walked in solidarity to raise awareness of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of the Child.  The Montessori Society of Canada- the AMI alumni in Canada, initiated a grassroots level campaign to connect the Montessori community across the Nation, strengthen community in individual neighbourhoods, raise awareness about the Rights of the Child by inviting local MP’s to attend the walk and presentation, and educate children about their rights while showing them that not only do we care about the Rights of the Child, but that we can actively support them.  



The elementary students at North Star created a banner to lead the way and made all of the students in the school various flags from around the world to wear in representation of children from around the globe.  Over 15oo children across Canada participated in the walk.  In true Montessori style, different schools and classes presented the declaration to their local MP’s and communities in a variety of creative ways.  While our own local MP was unable to attend, the upper Elementary class did a short and moving presentation of the Rights of the Child that resonated with each of them.  


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