The North Star Difference During Covid-19

Educational excellence with practical flexibility

Educational Excellence & Practical Flexibility

Since the onset of Covid-19, North Star has taken a concerted effort to transition our normal in-person Montessori education into an online format. The goal is to ensure that every child is able to continue learning through daily interactions with their teachers and classmates, which has been combined with a set of physical learning materials (for example books, writing journals, laminated math charts) that were packaged for each individual child and sent home. Our administrators, teachers, and staff have created and implemented an extensive and multifaceted learning environment as outlined below in the Grade-level Educational Offerings During Covid-19. 


Instructional Videos

Part of the new normal for North Star has been the creation of instructional videos that parents have the option of using. Some of these videos work because children can watch and learn the material selected for them, and other videos were made as a way to support parents in helping their children correctly use the materials in order to practice and master concepts.


Stamp Game Method
for Kindergarten

Pink Tower
for 3-Year Olds

Decimal Division
for North Star

for Elementary

Grade-level Offerings During Covid-19

Videos are just the tip of the iceberg. Here is a sample of what North Star has accomplished in order to offer the most seamless educational experience that has been both flexible and exceptional. 



  • Daily check-in around planning independent work
  • Interactive zoom lessons 
  • Whole class, small group, and individual (where needed) zoom lessons 
  • Collaborative group projects through Google Classroom
  • Tailor-made lessons based on skill level
  • Live student presentations
  • Weekly student sharing
  • Activity videos for each age group
  • French language instruction (live, video and Google Classroom)
  • Group reading and discussions
  • One-on-one check-ins on student progress
  • Regular online feedback on submitted work
  • Regular email updates, clarification of work expectations
  • Extra support for vulnerable and special education students
  • Books, supplies, and activities sent home to correspond with lessons


  • Monthly Books, supplies, and activities sent home to correspond with lessons
  • Extensive list of suggested activities based on age for children to do with items they can find around their own house
  • Daily small-group interactive Zoom lessons in math, language, practical life, sensory learning, and geography
  • Daily small-group interactive Zoom lessons, extending beyond the Montessori curriculum to include all current events
  • Whole class gatherings
  • Stories read to the children
  • Activity videos
  • Weekly pre-recorded Instructional videos, presenting Montessori materials from the classroom


  • Whole-class online gathering daily, 2-3 small group per day, and one individual Zoom lesson per week with Montessori materials
  • Books, supplies, and activities sent home to correspond with lessons
  • Weekly student sharing
  • Social and emotional learning and discussions
  • Physical activity and movement incorporated into Zoom lessons
  • Reading stories and discussing them
  • Regular email updates and follow-up emails to explain follow-up work to parents
  • Suggested home activities
  • Activity videos for PE, crafts, science, sign-language
  • French language video weekly


  • Weekly themes
  • New ‘At-Home learning Packages’ created each week for parents, filled with Montessori-inspired activities to do with their children at home
  • Emailed resources parents to reference
  • Emailed printout attachments for parents to make their own materials at home
  • Weekly pre-recorded videos of Montessori toddler lessons based on theme of the week
  • Weekly interactive Zoom circle times
  • Ongoing support provided to parents on all child-related topics

Additional Videos

Elementary Presentation

Elementary Presentation

Oobleck Experiment

In the Kitchen
for Toddlers

Learning about the Weather
for Toddlers

Map of the World
for 3-year Olds