Parent testimonials we have received throughout the years.

My son has been at North Star since he was 3 years old. He is now well into the Elementary program and can’t wait to go to school each day. He is independent, responsible, self-directed and respectful… all of the things his teachers said he would be if we ‘followed the child”. I should add that the teachers were there to support us as parents in the early days when the going got tough!

Our daughter was with North Star from Kindergarten through Year 6 of the elementary program. Her voice was heard and she was respected by students and staff. The Montessori philosophy and teachings are a big part of that.

Our child has been able to do school work at her level and go beyond in areas she excels at- there is no holding back a child who can and wants to, move ahead.

The children at North Star are individuals when it comes to their education. They are not held back or pushed forward along with the rest of the class. Over time they learn to be accountable for their work choices and can plan their day making balanced choices.

North Star has provided our son an opportunity to grow as a respected member of a warm learning community. The school truly has been a multifaceted experience for our son. He has the ability to take advantage of his advanced skills in different areas while enjoying the social companionship of children of his age.

From the beginning we have felt that our daughter is in a safe and nurturing environment at North Star. She has absolutely blossomed in a classroom where she feels understood and accepted for who she is. The way this understanding is conveyed to me as a parent – through detailed report cards, email and personal meetings, makes us feel that we know exactly where she is in her learning and development and that she is in very skilled hands.

As an alternative private school, North Star Montessori allows our child to retain her uniqueness and talents while acquiring knowledge about herself, others and the world around her. Education is not only about lessons for the mind but for the whole being.

We value the supervision, individual attention and the nurturing environment North Star offers, as well as the willingness of the staff to work with us to reinforce appropriate social behaviour. The values of the Montessori Method are incredible. I feel good leaving my child in the morning knowing she will be safe and not exposed to most of the negative situations of public school.

The classrooms are multi-age. Children learn from the older role models and then grow into being the leader themselves. They learn how to be self-motivated, a valuable life lesson that has far-reaching positive implications. There are high standards expected from students for both their effort in school work and their behaviour. I would recommend North Star and I do so all the time.

After several years at North Star I am still in awe of the way the children respectfully communicate with each other to solve problems and make decisions.

We value the very personal and nurturing learning environment that the teachers and staff foster. In addition, the enriched programming which includes numerous field trips, visits by scientific and community experts and exemplary physical education is, in our opinion, second to none.

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