Rediscovering the Pacific Northwest


After spending the last three years as a volunteer teacher in Southeast Asia, I finally got to enjoy summer in Vancouver.

My experiences as a volunteer have been innumerable, but the most significant aspect is all what I have learned from others

I deemed in need. No matter the cultural background or the geographical location serving others brings peace and joy.

Geographically speaking, I have been blessed by opportunities to live abroad in a variety of locations, but it has been the Pacific

Northwest the one that has captivated me with its beauty. Yes, I could say, that this summer has been one of the best I have ever

experienced. As you could agree with me, it has been magnificent. During summer I have rediscovered the beauty of British Columbia.

Many things that I had taken for granted have been more appreciated this time around.


This summer I traveled several times to Washington State, to meet friends and of course to do a little shopping.

I have also visited several local parks, lakes and beaches. And how could I forget … berry picking, eating corn on the cob and

walking around so many trails? All has been incredibly wonderful! We do live in one of the most beautiful

places on Earth.


Sunny weather has also been a motivation for starting a very small garden. So far “cilantro” has been my top crop…still waiting for

my spinach to grow enough. Permaculture has also drawn my attention and I have also been exploring about how to become a self

sustainable food producer. Everything related to this seems so easy, but in reality it is tough work that includes changing life habits and

discipline. That does not mean we shouldn’t pursue it. According to my readings a permaculture designed environment improves quality

of life and community. As a lifelong learner, I continue to read about this topic and hope I’ll have the chance to apply some

permaculture principles in the future.


This summer the beautiful Pacific Northwest has definitely given me the inner preparation to start a new teacher position

at North Star. Even after being a teacher for many years, I still feel like this is my first one. I really look forward to meeting

students and parents.

What an amazing journey the one we are about to embark as we start this new school year!

What a great year this will be!!