The highlight of my summer was flying to Europe for the first time to attend the AMI Montessori Congress in Prague. The congress was highly inspirational, providing many insights and ideas; a powerful fuel to reignite my internal flame. The city of Prague was stunning to view and what stood out the most was no matter where you went in the city, the architecture exuded with history.

Prior to Prague, my initial European landing point was Salzburg in Austria. I loved Salzburg for its surrounding landscapes and mountains. I stayed in a town outside of Salzburg called Seekerchen, which nestled next to a beautiful lake. I spent an afternoon riding a borrowed bike around the lake, stopping to swim and to eat at a barbeque restaurant that felt as if it was situated in the middle of nowhere.

Upon returning to Canada, I made a quick trip, with my boyfriend and dog, to Canon Beach in Oregon. After a 10-year hiatus, I decided to buy a board and get back into surfing. The trip was wonderful and I enjoyed connecting back with the water. My dog slept for 2 days when we returned home, for she had so much fun at the beach and campsite that I think she forgot to sleep.

Now I look forward to settling into the new year, feeling fresh and inspired. I always appreciate the process of establishing routines for the new school year, finding that perfect balance of work and play.