My summer started with a trip to Prague to attend the International Montessori Congress where I had the opportunity to recharge my ‘Montessori batteries’ and fill up on ideas and inspiration! It was great to network with Montessori teachers from around the world and to catch-up with old colleagues and friends.
Shortly after the conference ended, I went to Italy where I was join by my parents and siblings for a celebration to remember. Marco (my husband) and I arranged a wedding ceremony on a mountaintop farm on the outskirts of Bergamo. It had been a scorching hot summer so far however, on the day of the ceremony it rained and left us with cooler temperatures and a strong breeze. Therefore in most of our photos our hairstyles compare to the popular Troll Dolls of the 90’s! We had a lovely intimate ceremony with our nearest and dearest followed by a feast in the farmhouse that dates back to the 1400’s and ending the evening with friends jamming on the guitar and violin whilst watching the night sky! We’re happy to say that it was a very relaxed and memorable celebration, which was everything that we had hoped for!