This is my third year working at North Star as a support person in Brooke’s lower elementary classroom. I help facilitate an inclusive environment for those student’s designated with special needs.

When you think back on your past summer, I wonder how many of you identify with the word whirlwind? Glorious, fun-filled, even relaxing at times, but WHIRLWIND no less! Thinking back on the past July and August, here’s a list that helps sums up the days around our home:

W – Witnessed the solar eclipse from a rooftop in Squamish.
H – Hot days spent enjoying the outdoors at Third Beach or Kits Pool.
I – Ice cream. Our favorite ice cream spots are Glendale in Burnaby Heights or Buckets on Main Street (Nitro ice cream!?).
R – Roller coasters! Our family embraced roller coasters this summer. The family favorite is the Tilt-a-Whirl. My husband, Eric, and I thought the Thunder Bolt of Coney Island was the most intense.
L – Lake time. What a special way to celebrate Canada’s 150th – with family on a lake in Ontario.
W – Water slides! We finally made it to Cultus Lake Water Park and my oh my, what a time! We will be going back.
I – Identified alpine wildflowers. We were lucky to get up into the alpine and experience wildflower blooms on a few hikes, taking many photos and then looking each one up when home.
N – New York City. Eric and I ventured to the Big Apple for a long weekend!
D – Dancing! Despite not having seen the movie, we have become big fans of the Moana soundtrack (sound familiar?). If interested, feel free to ask either me or my daughter, Wren, to see some sample dance moves.

With the school year under way, I am very thankful for so many wonderful memories from this past summer, but I am also relishing in the routine the fall brings. I look forward to catching up with you and hearing about your whirlwinds!

All the best,