Katy, Head Teacher in the Upper Elementary, has been part of the North Star community for two years.

This summer, I spent three weeks traveling around Italy with friends. We flew into Milan and spent a few days near Bergamo where I began my Montessori studies almost 5 years ago. In Bergamo, I attended a small reunion lunch and reminisced with my lecturer Ms Baiba Grazzini and a number of friends from the course.

Soon after, we borrowed a car and began our travels, our first stop was on the coast near Finale Ligure. My Uncle and Auntie came over the border from France to visit us for a day, we did some mountain biking and feasted on the local dish, pesto! In order to try the very best food that Italy had to offer, when arriving in a new town we would ask a local where we could find the best place to eat. We were directed through the small streets of many cities to find trattoria’s, which were often family run and would serve the very best of the local products, cooked in the unique fashion of that region.

Among many other things we meandered through the streets of Siena and Florence, watched the talented glass blowers in Murano, Venice and discovered old World War One trails through the picturesque Dolomites.

The rest of my summer was spent enjoying the local splendor of Vancouver!