Each day this week, I will post an introduction to the different staff and faculty at North Star Montessori, along with a short summary of something they wished to share with you about their summer break!

I will start with myself and Jeanne as we are the first two faces you will see on your way into the school.

I am Tiffany Goulding, Head of School.  I have been part of the North Star Community for the past 15 years.  This summer I spent a couple of wonderful weeks in Ontario with my family.  Time with my family is always something I feel so grateful for.  The trip included a wedding, a birthday party, relaxing, kayaking and a whitewater rafting adventure on the Ottawa River.  While in town I was able to enjoy some camping and canoeing with my husband- two of my favourite things to do.  I also did my first solo-paddle in the canoe this summer!