Sonia began her career at North Star as a substitute teacher in 2011.  The following year, Sonia officially joined our team.  She is the assistant in the Sitka classroom, supervises the Lower Elementary lunch & outdoor time, and has a key role in supporting the students in the annual Elementary performance.  Continue reading below to learn about Sonia’s summer adventures.

For me, summer time is family time. I love the relaxed, schedule free moments spent with my daughter, Jacquie and husband, Richard.

This year we spent most of the vacation in Belfast, Northern Ireland where my husband is working on the hit TV series Game of Thrones.

We enjoyed surfing, paddle boarding and exploring the stunning coast; horse back riding and meandering through the lush, green, rolling countryside. We stayed in Clontarf Castle, Dublin, learnt about the island’s turbulent history and the peace initiatives pointing to a brighter future. We followed in the footsteps of literary greats such as Shaw, Yeats, Beckett and Seamus Heaney whilst reading, story telling and writing some of our own tales.

We even met some leprechauns and I am looking forward to sharing their stories with the children this year.

sonia pic