I would like to welcome and introduce Nathalie Platel to the North Star Community.  Nathalie is North Star Montessori’s new French teacher for both Lower and Upper Elementary.  Read on to learn a little more about Nathalie.

Bonjour tout le monde!

I will be the new French teacher at North Star Montessori this year. I am very excited to meet the children and learn more about their personal interests, as we jump into some interactive French activities that will hopefully stimulate curiosity in your children to learn more and more. My aim is to create a positive feeling towards the French language and culture, as I teach using various methods of learning (since each child is different). My over 20 years experience teaching a second language has taught me that learning with interest and participation is essential, and I hope to create this enjoyment for French this year in our classrooms.

This summer, I spent most of the time relaxing in our family home in France near the city of Grenoble. We even took our dog there; thus, I spent every morning going for long walks up and down the hillsides around (which feels like a village for Vancouverites). Yes, of course, the “pain au chocolat”, fresh bread and amazing assortment of cheeses (more than 300) are something that I thoroughly enjoyed!

While in Europe, my family and I also went for one lovely week to Italy to show my children the main cities and their history, which they had been studying at school. We enjoyed a relaxing trip, as we took in all the history and amazing architecture around us. Hopefully this trip fed the children with ideas to return and explore more in the future.

Now that we are back to the west coast life, I will continue my passion for French and France in the classroom.

nathalie photo