This academic year is Lalena’s third year at North Star.  In addition to being the Head Casa Teacher in the Sitka Room, Lalena has taken on the role of Extended-Day Kindergarten Teacher.  Read on to hear about Lalena’s summer and the newest addition to her family!

The highlight of my summer was getting my first puppy at the end of the school year. Her name is Tikka and she is a Boston Terrier. I feel lucky to have adopted a puppy with such an amazing temperament. She is calm, learns things very quickly, has an abundance of affection for everyone and is handling the transition of my return to work this school year very well.

Raising a puppy does not come without a time commitment though. My summers normally squeezed with as much mountain biking as I can, was replaced with relaxed afternoons training, walking, and playing with my new pup. It was a welcomed change of pace and I still managed to squeeze some exhilarating weekends riding at Whistler, visiting a friends cabin near Williams Lake, and a few trips to Armstrong where I visited family.

I even had the opportunity to combine my love of working with children and mountain biking when I coached a mountain bike camp. It was very inspiring to see the children gain an abundance of confidence on the bike and ride certain features that they initially deemed impossible.

Summer holidays have come to an end and now I am energized and ecstatic to work with the children at North Star Montessori. I love seeing all the familiar faces of the children returning and equally love meeting the new families at our school.

lalena pic