Many parents and children at the school have seen North Star’s running club coming back from their morning runs before school begins.  There are often comments by those not in the running club that express awe over how early we get out on the trail, the distance we run, or the fact that we go out faithfully despite the endless rain we have had this year.  Well, to be honest, it is not easy to drag yourself out of your warm bed to get to running club on a rainy Monday morning.  This is just as true for myself, the Head of School, as it is for the dedicated students, and the parent’s who get them here on time.  We all definitely feel refreshed after the run and ready to start the day and while this is reward in and of itself, last weekend was the first time any of us realized the magnitude of the gains we have made over the year.

Race Day










On Sunday, May 29 some of the team participated in the Shaughnessy 8km Race put on by the Running Room.  This was our first ‘official’ run.  Since we typically run about 3-4km on our morning runs, I really wasn’t sure what the outcome would be.  We made it clear to everyone that we would all finish the race even if we were all walking together.  In the end, there was no need to worry about that.  The team and the supportive parents that accompanied us, all crossed the finish line in under an hour!   Congratulations to Sydney, Ryan, Willem and Liam!