Several weeks ago North Star hosted guest speaker, Jesse Miller from Mediated Reality.  Jesse Miller spent the afternoon speaking with the students about social media, including Facebook, and pointed out some things that they may want to consider before posting them to the internet.  The students were pleasantly surprised during the talk because they were expecting an adult to “come in and tell us what to do and what not to do”.  Instead, Jesse engaged the children by providing information and allowing them to work through the social, moral, ethical and privacy issues involved.  

Later that evening, Jesse met with the parents to give them an idea of what he covered with the students and to address any concerns or questions they may have about social media, as well highlight both the positive and potential negative ramifications of social media.  Overall the talk was well received and while some parents were surprised by what “kids do online these days”, most were just happy to hear the feedback that, based on his experiences with other students throughout British Columbia, that North Star is obviously providing an appropriate and well thought out learning environment where friendship, responsibility, respect and appropriate use of technology for that age range was evident.  

The pros and cons of technology, specifically social media, is a topic of constant debate, speculation, and research.  Follow the link to the Harvard Business Review to read, “Your Brain on Facebook”,  yet another perspective on social media.