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North Star Staff Summer Adventures- Lalena

Welcome! My name is Lalena Desautels, aka Miss Lalena, or sometimes, depending on the child, Miss Balena, Malena or variable rhyming combination suitable for a Dr. Seuss rhyme. I am the Casa and Extended Day Guide in the Sitka classroom. Each summer I like to strike a balance of relaxing and enjoying the North Shore mixed with adventures beyond the city limits. This summer was no exception! July was very low key providing me with some recuperation time after a busy school year. I spent a lot...

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North Star Staff Summer Adventures- Madame Nathalie

This was my summer where my family came first. Whenever I had the opportunity to do something with my daughter, son, husband, or my parents, I put all aside, and I did it. My aim was to practice being “present” and appreciate special moments, which is so easy to forget when we work all week and our children are busy with school. Thus, the summer was wonderful, -- full of walks, talks, yoga, and eating. Our trip to France was relaxing, as we visited family and spent a week on the beach in the...

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North Star Staff Summer Adventures- Christie

Welcome back! I am feeling excited and full of positivity for the new school year ahead. Similar to last summer, I enjoyed running the Parent-Toddler program for the month of July while my twins enjoyed their last month with our (former) nanny Denise. The month of August was filled with "mommy duty" (as Robbie amd Parker liked to call it) and lots of little trips. Our yearly one week trip to Osoyoos with friends was phenomenal (despite the fires) and days were filled with swimming, paddle...

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North Star Staff Summer Adventures- Sonia

Hi, I am Sonia Garrett, Casa Assistant in the Sitka classroom. For me, summer is a time to step back, realign, regroup and renew. This summer was no exception. I traveled widely, explored voraciously, ate like a gastronome and read widely. Throughout my tri-continental travels, one image seemed to follow me and solidify my meandering mind – the Celtic Triskele. This triple spiral, representing female power through transition and growth, was in the earring design given to me as I arrived in...

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Writing About and Raising Fearless Girls

There’s a movement afoot, a seismic shift among educators and parents, a longing to engender “Mighty Girls”*, to create “The Gutsy Girl”*; daughters who are resilient, persistent, courageous, problem solvers; female students who know themselves and are willing to push their limits. Girls who fulfill their potential, stand up to bullies, and hold their heads up high. We know that shattering the glass ceiling, rather than wearing the glass slipper, is as much about education and opportunity as...

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The Building Blocks for Life-Long Success

We all want our children to be independent; to make good choices, be responsible, self-sufficient, respectful, passionate, driven, etc. But how do we set our children up for this type of success? By providing them with particular experiences at home and at school. The Montessori philosophy has many components but a huge emphasis is placed on our belief that children need freedom with limits. You might think of this as two totally opposite ends of a spectrum. And interestingly, this is the...

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