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Supporting Beginning Readers and Writers at Home

Following our recent Elementary parent night on Language, I wanted to pass along some tips for helping children to develop foundational reading and writing skills to those parents who could not make it that evening. While reading can come very easily to some children and they may become competent readers by the time they finish the Casa Program, other children simply require more time, repetition and support at home in addition to their learning at school. The first skill that needs to be...

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North Star Staff Summer Adventures- Katy

This summer we had friends and family coming to stay from the UK and New Zealand. I was eager to show them around and do a little more exploring myself. Our local trips included Powell River and the stunning Savary Island, as well as biking holidays in Victoria, Courtney, Cumberland and on the Sunshine Coast. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to explore more of the local, beautiful, British Columbia with our nearest and dearest.

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North Star Staff Summer Adventures- Brooke

I enjoyed a very relaxing summer close to home, going for many local hikes, bike rides and visits to lakes and beaches for swimming and kayaking. I took a trip in July to the Kootenays and the Okanagan, enjoying some camping, tubing and lots of cycling on the Slocan and Kettle Valley rail trails. One of my sisters moved out to Vancouver from Toronto over the summer so I was really happy to be able to spend time with her and to now have some family in town. I also spent the last week of the...

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Orange Shirt Day- Every Child Matters!

Tomorrow the staff and students at North Star Montessori are invited to wear orange shirts to mark Orange Shirt Day, which is officially on Sunday, September 30th.  Between the late 1800's and 1996, the federal government forced many First Nations, Inuit, and Metis children to attend residential school.  They had to leave the warmth of their families and live at the cold, overcrowded schools.  In many cases, children and parents did not see each other for years. ...

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North Star Staff Summer Adventures- Roxana

Summer, the ideal time to get away. The weather is gorgeous, time is available, specially for traveling. “Getting away” from the daily stress and work demands is what we usually enjoy during this time. This year I did not not go anywhere, I stayed home. The idea of spending summer home, at times seems boring, pointless, but for me this summer was an opportunity to discover something else. We had guests from Germany. Old good friends that I had not seen for over ten years. This was an unusual...

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North Star Summer Adventures- Faezeh

I am so pleased to be at North Star this year as the After-School Care facilitator.  This past August I went to summer school and took two intensive courses, which I finished in three weeks.  One of the courses was a science course. At first, I was terrified because I had always considered that I was not a science person. However, the course was extremely engaging. We went on many field trips and worked in the lab everyday.  Initially, it seemed like it would be impossible for...

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