In 2008, my only child, Jacquie started a three year Montessori Casa programme in England. A year later, I started studying at the Montessori Centre International in London. We finished our Casa programmes simultaneously.

 This is a personal reflection on those three years. I hope it gives you a flavour of what we both experienced.

Year 1

This is…


Peak through the window,

It’s new,

A new place,

New people,

Tears at the threshold.

Look for the familiar,

A welcoming smile,

A calming hand,


With something known,

Sweep the floor,

Glance at a book

Prepare some food.

Concentration flits

I succeed

I smile

My time

To explore

To extrapolate

To experience

I am myself.


Year 2

I return…

To my class,

My friends,

My space,

Concentration extends,

Confidence grows,

I look for challenges

Deeper connections,

New knowledge.

Savour repetition,


This is my time,

To discover,

To bond,

To belong

I am with friends.


Year 3

I am ready…

To take the lead

Hold a hand

Challenge myself.

Awareness grows,

Who needs help?

What can I share?

Where’s this taking me?

The enquiring mind,

Thirsty for knowledge

Hungry for facts

Moving, exploring, growing.

Concentration deepens,

Pride grows

Achievements build

Horizons expand.

I am a citizen.

I am home.