The Extended-Day program at North Star allows children who are school-aged and who show social, academic and emotional readiness, to stay for a full day of school. Completion of the third year of the Three-Year Cycle is critical for the child to experience to the fullest, the positive outcomes of a Montessori education.

During the morning, the extended-day children are in the regular Casa environment. This allows them the opportunity to role-model, assist younger children thereby solidifying their knowledge, and to practice their leadership skills. This experience not only assists the child academically but also aids the child in the development of self-esteem and self-confidence.

During the afternoon, the extended-day children from both Casa classes combine together to create the extended- day cohort. These children spend the afternoon going into deeper and longer work with the materials and their studies. They also participate in the extensive PE program, fieldtrips and have guest speakers visit.