Physical Education

The Physical Education Program at North Star provides the students with an excellent introduction to various sports and activities both within the school grounds and out in the community. As the children progress through the elementary program, they go from short periods of time over several activities, to spending longer periods of time with fewer individual activities. By the time the children have reached the upper elementary program (9-12yrs) they work as a group to determine their classrooms Physical Education program for the following year.

The children look at the pros and cons of each activity, the timing within the school year, the length of time they would need to progress their skill set of each activity and through this process, determine their first and second choices for activities for the academic year. A student elected committee then present this to the Head of School for approval.

Physical Education activities have included but are not limited to; cooperative games, track and field, tennis, rock climbing, martial arts, swimming, jazz dance, field hockey, soccer, hiking, yoga, Bollywood dance, kayaking, skating, and nutrition.

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