Going Out

The environment of the elementary class is not confined to the school building. One of the important activities of the elementary age is to research on a variety of topics. The resources available for their research in the classroom are deliberately restricted so that the students will have to go out of their classroom and the school to find more.

This “Going Out” is the Montessori term for off-campus excursions taken by small groups of children to visit museums, galleries, stores and other businesses, libraries, non-profit organizations, places of worship, zoos, historical sites, and other places where subject-matter experts can be found or hands-on experiences can be had.

A ‘Going out’ is initiated, planned, organized, and carried out by the students themselves as a spontaneous extension of studies or projects they are pursuing in the classroom. Dr. Montessori was adamant about the importance of developing the children’s intellectual knowledge and their ‘real world’ social skills and self-reliance at the same time by means of these excursions into the larger world outside the school.

Chaperones for Going Out are chosen and contacted by the children from a list of parents who are specially trained to closely monitor and guard the children’s physical and emotional safety without usurping responsibilities and roles that are properly the children’s to learn and practice.

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