How to apply and Fee information.

We welcome families to visit the school for a tour throughout the year. Wait pool applicants will be offered placement in the school in February/March, based on availability. Students entering the school at the Extended-day Kindergarten level or above must have previous Montessori education which is continuous.

A complete application contains the following:

  • Completed application form
  • Copies of the previous year’s report card as well as most recent report card (if relevant)
  • Administration Fee
  • Copy of applicant’s birth certificate or proof of Canadian status

    Application Forms:


    Grade Level Total Annual Tuition Fees Less Provincial Grant ** Tuition Fees Payable 2024/2025
    Half-day Casa – AM/PM
    8:30-11:25 am
    5 day  (Monday – Friday)
    $8,700 N/A $8,700
    Full-day Casa
    8:00-3:25 pm
    $16,190 N/A $16,190
    Extended-day Kindergarten
    8:30 am – 3:00 pm
    $23,004 $5,380 $17,624
    Elementary (Grades 1-7)
    8:15 am – 3:15 pm
    $23,004 $5,380 $17,624

    ** NOTE** Qualifying Student Grant Amount (Extended-day Kindergarten, Elementary)
    The above tuition fees are dependent on the school receiving the per student operating grant from the province of British Columbia. If this grant is not received, we would be required to increase fees by the amount of the grant. In the case of early withdrawal, reimbursement of the grant will be required. In order to qualify for the provincial grant, parents must be permanent residents of B.C. and either a Canadian Citizen, landed immigrant or otherwise lawfully admitted to Canada and meet certain attendance criteria including exclusive enrolment in North Star Programs. Please see The Parent Handbook for further details.

    In the event that unforeseen circumstances (natural disaster, weather, labour dispute, etc.) force the closure of schools for an extended period of time, no refund of tuition fees will be paid by the program.

    Complete Fee Guide

    For more detailed information about fees and payment plans, download the complete Fee Guide.

    A North Star Guide for Prospective Parents

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