Dear parents,

As you may have noticed, there is a Parent Education Corner at the school entrance, right beside Jeanne’s desk.  We hope this will become and important source of information for all and we invite you to visit it often.  In “the Corner” you will find a number of information resources like books, articles, and suggestion/question boxes.

Books are in the top left shelf and are available ‎for check out, simply use the sign out sheets provided. There’s also a binder with reviews, to which you’re welcome to contribute once you have finished reading a book. These are the books currently available:

Kids Are Worth It, By Barbara Coloroso

Montessori Madness!, By Trevor Eisler

Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child, By John Gotman

Raising Cain – Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys, By Dan Kindlon and Michael Thompson

Montessori Today , By Paula Polk-Lillard

Education and Peace, By Maria Montessori

Understanding Montessori, By Maren Schmidt

Learned Optimism, By Martin E. P. Seligman

Maria Montessori – Her Life and Work, By E. M. Standing

No – Why Kids – of All Ages – Need to Hear It and Ways Parents Can Say It, By David Walsh

and two additional titles added this week:

The Price of Privilege, By Madeline Levine

Parenting From the Inside Out, By Daniel Siegel and Mary Hartzell

The Articles section located on the top right shelf, contains articles on:
Montessori: planes of development, parenting the Montessori way, and more in-depth articles
General Interest : parenting basics, research in education, technology and children, empathy, gratitude, special needs, bullying, nutrition and health, etc.
‎You are welcome to browse through these and if there’s something that catches your eye, feel free to request a copy (we ask that you please keep the originals in the binders). Just write down your name in one of the post it notes provided and attach it to the article/s. I will be making copies and placing them in your family pocket by Friday afternoon.

Question Boxes: in the Corner, you will also find three boxes labeled Casa, Lower, and Upper. You can use the matching coloured papers to leave a note asking general questions specific to each level.  If you would like a direct answer or to have a short conversation your particular question, please include your name.  If your question is more general in nature, we can answer it in a blog post.  THESE ARE NOT SUGGESTION BOXES.

Lastly, feel free to bring your contributions to the Corner‎ in the form of books, articles, DVD’s. Simply contact me so that I can properly account for your contribution and include it in our list of resources. If you don’t see me in the hallway, please email me at [email protected]

We also suggest that you sign up for the School Blog by email or RSS feed.  This is another great resource with blogs authored by Tiffany, the teachers, students, and parents. If interested in contributing, please contact Tiffany.

This is a work in progress, the humble beginnings of what we hope will be a great enrichment source for the school parents community, and we hope you enjoy it.

Happy reading!

Silvina Moscato
Nikhil’s, Milan’s and Shanti’s mom