Message from Head of School

North Star provides a caring and warm environment that is committed to meeting the developmental needs of each child. We understand that each child is unique and comes to us with different learning styles, social and emotional temperaments and cultural or religious backgrounds. Recognizing this, we strive to provide each child with the necessary tools and skills to be successful. An integral part of the Montessori Method is that the children must do meaningful work in order for it to influence, inspire and motivate them. In the elementary years North Star’s integrated curriculum reaches beyond the walls of the classroom. It includes connecting children to their community outside of the school and bringing an awareness of the world around them.

By giving children the opportunities to explore and investigate all aspects of study and then to further apply their learning, helps to build confidence, relevance and inspire an intrinsic motivation that they will carry with them throughout their lives.

At North Star, we believe that it is important to raise environmental awareness within the community.  The elementary class now runs a successful worm composting project which reduces our schools overall waste and provides us with soil rich in nutrients for planting in and around the school. We continue to encourage children to bring lunches to school in safe, re-usable containers (which also ties into healthy food choices) and to use safe drinking bottles to further reduce their environmental foot print. Educating children on how they can help preserve and protect the Earth and including them in the process can empower and encourage them to make it part of their lifestyle at home and in the future.

The staff of North Star is dedicated to providing a safe, stimulating, respectful and diverse environment for the children. The Montessori Method and staff of North Star, focus on the development of the ‘whole child’ not just academics. All of the teaching staff have additional training in fostering effective communication and behaviour and integrate their knowledge into the daily life of the classroom.  We believe that recognizing and acknowledging one’s own needs, self-evaluating behaviour and choices and accepting responsibility for one’s own actions are important skills to develop. These skills enrich the way the faculty strives to reach the goal of fostering a love of learning, independence, respect, and providing children with the tools to become positive contributors to society.

Visitors to North Star Montessori often comment on the peaceful environment. They are surprised that the children can work so cooperatively and peacefully with one another. They also comment on the clean and organized space as well as the tremendous amount of natural light in the classrooms. I invite you to attend an Open House or to visit North Star for a personal tour. We welcome visitors and look forward to introducing you to our school.


Mrs. Tiffany Goulding

Head of School, North Star Montessori

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