Tomorrow the staff and students at North Star Montessori are invited to wear orange shirts to mark Orange Shirt Day, which is officially on Sunday, September 30th. 

Between the late 1800’s and 1996, the federal government forced many First Nations, Inuit, and Metis children to attend residential school.  They had to leave the warmth of their families and live at the cold, overcrowded schools.  In many cases, children and parents did not see each other for years.  Generations of students were treated poorly and many abused.  The day honours the tens of thousands of residential school Survivors.  It acknowledges the painful experiences they had at the schools, and also provides an opportunity for people to talk about the schools’ impact.  The orange shirt symbolizes what  Indigenous students, families and communities lost because of residential schools.  Time with family, parental care, a sense of self-worth and well-being, language, culture, and freedom. 

When people choose to wear an orange shirt on Orange Shirt Day, they are sending the message that “every child matters”.

Click the link below to read a poem by North Star, Casa Teacher and Children’s Author, Sonia Garrett

Orange Shirt Day