Hi, I am Sonia Garrett, Casa Assistant in the Sitka classroom.

For me, summer is a time to step back, realign, regroup and renew. This summer was no exception. I traveled widely, explored voraciously, ate like a gastronome and read widely.

Throughout my tri-continental travels, one image seemed to follow me and solidify my meandering mind – the Celtic Triskele.

This triple spiral, representing female power through transition and growth, was in the earring design given to me as I arrived in Sydney, Australia – a journey made to visit my aging, Alzheimer suffering father; a trip with surprisingly positive outcomes of renewing friendships (dating from school days) and deepening family connections.

Naturally, the Triskele was everywhere I looked when I traveled to Ireland with my husband and daughter. Then, as if I needed a life lesson, the Breton triskel – “spiral of life” – appeared in the breathtakingly beautiful and historically fascinating area of France where we took our family vacation.

Traditionally, this symbol represents the perfect, inter-generational balance of maiden, mother and crone. More recently, it’s been adopted as the balance of mind, body and spirit. Either way, it represents the balance I hope to bring to the new school year and all the opportunities that will hold.