Summer, the ideal time to get away. The weather is gorgeous, time is available, specially for traveling. “Getting away” from the daily stress and work demands is what we usually enjoy during this time. This year I did not not go anywhere, I stayed home.

The idea of spending summer home, at times seems boring, pointless, but for me this summer was an opportunity to discover something else. We had guests from Germany. Old good friends that I had not seen for over ten years.

This was an unusual visit, but it taught me so much about giving, caring and sharing and above all… it is not always about “me.” There is so much gained when you give your time and effort to others. I discovered that time spent having a conversation, cooking meals, cleaning, and devoting yourself to friends can give you a sense of fulfillment and happiness. I did not experience “cabin fever” at all. I felt at peace and was thankful for friends that keep you thinking about the positive things in life.

I did get to show off Vancouver…and spend much time out. I could say that this summer was a real spiritual preparation for the school year ahead. Maybe staying home and being a hostess is not as bad as one might think and it may not happen only once. I just got news that other old friends from Austria are planning to visit during this year. It seems like this will go on….and I am am glad it will!