Welcome! My name is Lalena Desautels, aka Miss Lalena, or sometimes, depending on the child, Miss Balena, Malena or variable rhyming combination suitable for a Dr. Seuss rhyme. I am the Casa and Extended Day Guide in the Sitka classroom.

Each summer I like to strike a balance of relaxing and enjoying the North Shore mixed with adventures beyond the city limits. This summer was no exception!

July was very low key providing me with some recuperation time after a busy school year. I spent a lot of time with my dog, Tikka, hiking around the North Shore and walking to Cates Park or Deep Cove in the mornings. I hit the local mountains and Whistler with my mountain bike, taking advantage of the last bit of tacky trails before the summer heat truly set in.

August was filled with excitement and road trips. I made it down to the Oregon coast twice, once with my boyfriend and once with my mom and dad who visited from Ontario. The weather was cool and foggy, which provided a welcoming break from the scorching heat in Vancouver. Even at 13 degrees Celsius and rain, I suited up and found time to hit the ocean with my surfboard multiple times along Canon Beach and Newport. We eventually made it back to Vancouver, where I spent the rest of the month trying to keep up with my family (my mom has A LOT of energy) as we explored locally, while also adding a quick trip up to Vernon to visit my boyfriend’s family.

September is here, and a new school year starts. Even though it is known to be the busiest and most exhausting month for those whose roles reside in a school environment, I love coming back to see how much the children have grown, meet the new families, and instill new routines and goals for the year.