Having mostly packed our belongings the night before, we were able to dress in our formal attire and have a nice breakfast before taking a taxi over to the United Nations building.  We arrived in good time and had some spare time to take a few photos with some of the sculpture art gifted to the United Nations from various countries around the world.  Once inside, we patiently waited our turn to enter into the General Assembly.  The students found their places within their committees on the main floor and the adults were directed further up into the back part of the viewing area.

One by one students from the various committees presented the final draft resolutions for voting.  The process is very formal and requires students to listen attentively and maintain a high level of self-discipline.  Several resolutions did not pass, a reality of the process, but many did.  All four resolutions our students played a part in creating passed and will be forwarded onto the actual UN committees for consideration.  You can see some video footage taken at the MMUN by clicking https://youtu.be/lvbgjY0UEaw

After being ushered out of the General Assembly, we visited the gift shop and then headed out for a nice lunch to celebrate the process, the success of the students and the individual growth over the week.  Our last group outing was a surprise carriage ride in Central Park.  It was a nice and relaxing way to wrap up a very rewarding and busy week.

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE PARTICIPATING STUDENTS!  We’re proud of how you gracefully and respectfully represented your school and country!

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