The Pink Tower is a key educational material used in Montessori Casa (preschool) classrooms at North Star. It consists of ten wooden cubes, painted pink, that range in size from 1 cubic centimeter to 10 cubic centimeters. Each cube increases progressively in size by one cubic centimeter per side, providing a concrete representation of the decimal system.

There are numerous educational objectives of the Pink Tower:

1. Sensorial exploration:

The primary purpose of the Pink Tower is to develop the child’s visual discrimination of size.  Handling and comparing the cubes helps refine their sense of dimension.

2. Fine motor skills:

As students carefully carry, stack, and arrange the cubes, they improve their fine motor control and coordination.

3. Mathematical concepts: 

The Pink Tower introduces the concept of dimension and volume, which are foundational to understanding more complex mathematical concepts.

4. Concentration and attention: 

Working with the Pink Tower requires the student to focus and pay attention to detail, fostering longer periods of concentration.

5. Order and precision: 

The activity involves a sequence of steps that the student learns to follow, promoting a sense of order and precision.

How is it used?

Students are invited to carry the cubes one by one to a mat, where they arrange them in a tower, starting with the largest cube at the base and ending with the smallest cube at the top. This activity can be extended by creating different patterns or by comparing the Pink Tower to other Montessori materials, like the Brown Stair or the Red Rods, to highlight differences and similarities in dimensions.

The Pink Tower exemplifies Montessori principles by providing a hands-on learning experience that encourages independent exploration, self-correction, and cognitive development through sensory engagement.