Today was both our last day of the Montessori Model United Nations conference and the last day of our trip to New York City.  The six student delegates were looking sharp in their more formal business attire and were looking forward to what they all hoped would be majority ‘votes’ in each of their committees to transform their draft resolutions into resolutions.

All of the MMUN participants (approximately 2000) were exceptionally well-behaved within the walls of the General Assembly itself.  Now understanding a little more clearly the challenging and important work that occurs there and how fortunate they were to be guests, the students independently exhibited tremendous patience and respect.

All of the draft resolutions for the committees of our student delegates were passed and became resolutions.  For the first time in North Star’s years of participating in the MMUN, one of our student delegates was elected to speak at the podium in the General Assembly to help present the draft resolution and facilitate voting.  Congratulations, Asha!


We were dismissed from the General Assembly a little behind schedule and made our way back to the hotel to change out of our formal wear, have a snack and check out of our room.   We met up with one of our families who made the trek to Manhattan to spend a couple of extra days in the city.  It was wonderful to see smiling and familiar faces and after some hugs, stories, and well-wishes, we said goodbye and braved the cold to go out for our final meal in the city.

Thankfully our flight was not fully booked and we were able to stretch out a little on the trip home.  Despite it being after midnight, as we rounded the corner toward the exit doors of the customs area, we were greeted by a group of smiling, waving and excited parents.  Sleepy but energized, and sad for the trip to be over but happy to see everyone, we gratefully accepted the hugs and felt glad to be home!