Day Four and Five of our trip were the BIG WORK days.  From 9-5 North Star’s student delegates were busy collaborating within their respective committees to create draft resolutions to be voted on in the General Assembly at the United Nations on the final day of the conference.  Part of this process involved sharing the perspective of their assigned country of Turkey through a prepared speech based on their individual position papers.


Each committee ranged from 80-100 student delegates so this was no minor feat.  Overcoming the nerves of public speaking, each North Star student delegate  chose to present their speech to their committee and each were successful in their delivery.  These were very proud moments for both myself and their classroom teacher as we understood the tremendous effort that went into researching, preparing and finally presenting their work!

The committees and topics of our delegates were;


Disarmament & International Security (DISEC):  Nuclear Disarmament and Prevention of an Arms Race in Outer Space;  Social, Humanitarian and Culture (SOCHUM):  Advancement of Women and Promotion adn Protection of the Rights of Children;  and Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL):  Peacekeeping  Operations in all Their Respects and Assistance in Mine Action.


Our evenings involved visiting the massive Disney Store, the Hershey store and on Friday evening, a celebration/ birthday dinner for one of the students!  There was a drastic turn in the weather with temperatures dropping below zero, high winds and snow.  Needless to say we were happy to spend some down time in the hotel keeping warm and resting up for the long work days.

Tomorrow, our final day in the Big Apple, takes us to the United Nations!