After a fairly short overnight flight with little to no sleep for any of us, we arrived in New York and made our way to our hotel in Manhattan near Times Square.  We were unable to check in early, so found ourselves leaving our bags with the hotel and making our way down the street in search of breakfast. With some sustenance to keep us going, we set out to find the food market the children researched ahead of time, to pick up some groceries.

On our way there we came across Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum featuring a Ghost Buster’s exhibit!  Knowing that we had some time to spare before our rooms would be ready, and preferring to stroll casually among the famous and infamous to walking though the hustle and bustle of NYC carrying groceries, we promptly crossed the street and inquired about the cost.  As fortune would have it, we were handed a pass with nearly 50% off everyone’s admission.  We decided to do it!

We had plenty of fun with celebrities, fictional characters, world leaders and superheroes (wait are those fictional characters?  After today we’re not so sure!)

We did manage to get groceries, check into our rooms, and relax/sleep for a a couple of hours before visiting the Lego Store in Rockefeller Square, the M & M store, and grabbing some dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe.  It was a jam packed first day and we will, without a doubt, sleep well tonight!

There are quite a few pictures as it was challenging to narrow down the choices- enjoy!