Throughout the years of Montessori schooling, working to maintain the environment is seen as an essential part of the children’s day. For example watering the plants, if the job is forgotten or not taken care of, they gradually witness how the responsibilities, or jobs, directly influence the people and the environment around them.

Yet it is noted by many parents that this respect for the environment dwindles when in the home environment. In the latest Parent Discovery Evening, we discussed a few points that we use in the classroom that may help you approach the subject of jobs at home.

  • When approaching the topic of responsibilities, the children should be consulted about the jobs that need to be done.
  • Allow the children to make choices in which jobs they can complete but remember; doing nothing is not an option!
  • Join in and show enjoyment when doing your jobs!
  • Using clear communication, identify with the children the standards for the work that is to be done. Consider demonstrating to the children how to do the job. Experiment and see what works well in regards to the approaching the subject with the child.
  • Once finished, evaluate the work with the children. What has been done well? What may need work next time?
  • Any consequences are to follow logically from the uncompleted job. Consider that a job not performed properly may need some practice!
  • Vary the tasks, as children love a challenge.
  • Consider that if the child is capable of doing it themselves… let them!
  • Finally, remember you are the role model. You cannot expect cleanliness and order from the children unless it is modeled at school/home.